6 Things To Do in Liverpool In The Winter

Voted the friendliest city in the United Kingdom (according to Booking.com, so I’m not going to argue…), Liverpool welcomes visitors to experience its rich history and heritage all year round, however with the wind coming in fresh off the river Mersey, the dark nights closing in, & some of the shops having already got Christmas trees up, it’s safe to say what little we had of summer has long been and gone.  

If you want to heat your home up, it’s (probably) cheaper to just burn £20 notes than it is to turn on the boiler, so on that cheery note, I thought it would be a good time to give some options for things to do in the cold season. Here is a little list of things for you to do this Winter in Liverpool… 

  1. Visit the Christmas Markets: Liverpool’s Christmas markets, such as the ones at St George’s Hall and Liverpool ONE, are a magical winter experience. You can enjoy festive decorations, local crafts, delicious food, and seasonal treats. It’s a great place to soak in the holiday spirit and to sneak a few drinks in on your way round the shops…. 
  2. Explore the Museums and Galleries: Liverpool has a wealth of museums and galleries to explore (the most in the UK outside of London…), and they provide an excellent place to visit during the winter months. The World Museum, Tate Liverpool, and the Museum of Liverpool are just a few to consider. You can immerse yourself in art, history, and culture while staying warm indoors. 
  3. Attend a Liverpool FC Match: If you’re a football fan, watching a Liverpool FC match at Anfield is an unforgettable experience. With the Reds off to a great start this season, it’s full steam ahead as we head into the fast and furious winter fixtures. Why not take in an evening European game under the lights, leaving you with unforgettable memories by experiencing  unique Anfield atmosphere. Let us look after your whole trip. Submit your request here for a bespoke quote: Liverpool FC Tickets & Hotel Hospitality Packages – Liverpool Connect 
  4. If you haven’t quite got enough time to get yourself to a game, but still want to go and see the stadium why not book in for a stadium tour here? LFC Stadium Tour – Liverpool Connect
  5. Enjoy the Beatles Story: Liverpool is the hometown of The Beatles, and visiting The Beatles Story is a must for fans of the legendary band. This interactive museum offers a journey through the lives and careers of the Fab Four. It’s an enjoyable and educational experience, perfect for a winter day. 
  6. Go the pub(s) – There’s loads of great ones! 8 Historic Liverpool Pubs – Part 1 – Liverpool Connect 8 Historic Liverpool Pubs – Part 2 – Liverpool Connect or why not get Darren to take you on a brewery tour? Brewery Bus Tours Liverpool (fareharbor.com) 

Have I missed anything? Let me know! Tom@liverpoolconnect.co.uk