Why use Liverpool Connect for your private airport transfers?

  1. Prioritisation: It’s what we do! We aren’t a taxi service. We use a scheduling system with drivers who know all the requirements of picking up and dropping off at airports & all other transfer hubs. Give us your pickup times and flight/journey information, and relax by allowing us to take care of everything else.
  2. Convenience: Liverpool Connect specialise in total door-to-door service. A professional driver will pick you up from the airport and take you to your destination, eliminating the need to wait for taxis or navigate public transportation with your luggage.
  3. Time-saving: We’ll save you time by minimising your wait and unnecessary stops. Unlike shared shuttles or public transportation, our private transfer services are tailored to your schedule, ensuring a prompt and efficient journey. Unlike private hire or taxi services, we have established your requirements and know all the trip details in advance.
  4. Comfort: We use high-quality vehicles that provide a clean & comfortable travel experience as standard. We also offer executive and luxury options to enhance your experience and make your trip even more special.
  5. Safety and security: Liverpool Connect prioritise your safety and security. We are a local, reputable company, and we only use carefully selected drivers to drive for our brand. All our drivers are fully licensed, insured, and experienced professionals who have undergone enhanced DBS checks. Additionally, by taking our service, you are minimising the risk of theft or loss of belongings compared to public transportation or private hire vehicle and taxi options.
  6. Personalised service: At Liverpool Connect, we offer bespoke transfers tailored to your budget. Our booking system is not automated. This is a conscious decision to ensure you can customise the service according to your preferences and needs. For instance, once you have completed our submission form, we will contact you to make sure you are provided with the correct type of vehicle that suits your group size; you can opt for additional services like meet and greet at the airport, for our driver to wait at the destination, agree on a pickup point, or any other additional requirements you may have.
  7. Reliability: Check out our Google reviews here – We’re known for our reliability. By pre-booking with Liverpool Connect, you have the assurance that our team will be in regular contact with you, and the driver will pick you up or be waiting at the airport at the specified time.
  8. Privacy: We provide privacy that may be important to some travellers. You can have peace of mind knowing that you are travelling exclusively with your group, without sharing the vehicle with strangers. On request, you can have access to our executive vehicles with privacy glass & plate exemptions, giving you or your guests total discretion.
  9. Local knowledge & access: It’s who we know as well as what we know! Our management team has over 15 years of industry experience, and our drivers can provide valuable information, tips, and recommendations about your destination, making your journey more enjoyable and informative.
  10. Free concierge service: Book your travel with us, and you will have access to our complimentary concierge service. Need tickets or reservations? Let us see what we can do! Through our partnership scheme with local Liverpool hotels and independent Liverpool. We can help get you exclusive deals and discounts at local independent restaurants and places to stay.

If all of the above sounds good to you, you can book our Liverpool airport transfers service by simply filling in the form. We look forward to meeting you😊


LC Team.